NieR: Automata Paris Games Week 2015 Reveal Trailer

When the first NieR came out in 2010 it was a game with far more depth than originally thought, as seen by going through the B-D endings. It far exceeded the expectations of many, myself included, and quickly became an enduring favorite for many fans. It also spawned at least one hilariously moronic review which I’m sure we’ve all heard about.

I don’t think too many people dared to hope we would ever be able to return to that world in a future game but all that changed during E3 2015 when it was initially announced and called NieR New Project and excited a legion of fans. Today during Paris Games Week 2015 a new trailer has been revealed, which is below, along with what appears to be the game’s official title, NieR: Automata. It shows off a range of enemies and scenery during combat and apparently focuses on the new character 2B.

NieR: Automata – coming exclusively to PlayStation 4. I believe no indication of what year it might even release in has been announced but I can tell you that I’m looking forward to it.


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The Witcher 3 1.11 Patch Notes

Today the newest past for CD Projekt RED’s hit game, The Witcher 3, was announced bringing with it quite a few changes. Read below to see everything that was changed.

Hearts of Stone


  • Fixes issue whereby items needed for Achievement titled I Wore Ofieri Before It was Cool could not be acquired from Ofieri  merchant.


  • Fixes issue whereby glyphs added within Hearts of Stone expansion would disappear from slots subsequent to game being saved and loaded.
  • Alters difficulty balance of arachnomorphs in quest titled Open Sesame! forming parts of Hearts of Stone expansion.
  • Fixes issue whereby cellar could be looted without fighting archgriffin in quest titled A Surprise Inheritance forming part of Hearts of Stone expansion.
  • Fixes issue whereby Roach could appear to change into a black mare with Hearts of Stone expansion installed.
  • Fixes issue whereby some players could not sell anything to Countess Mignole.
  • Alters difficulty balance of bosses in Hearts of Stone expansion, adding distinct statistics for individual difficulty levels.
  • Renders selection of items from Hearts of Stone expansion transferable to New Game + mode.
  • Fixes issue whereby master blacksmiths could craft Venomous Viper set. Said set now craftable only by grandmaster blacksmith.
  • Adds resistance to knockdown by Aard Sign to Ofieri Mage in Hearts of Stone expansion.
  • Fixes issue whereby Enchant effect was removed from armor when armor was transferred into New Game + mode.
  • Fixes issue whereby arachnomorphs were immune to effects of Dancing Star bomb.
  • Adds entries for Enchanting feature to Glossary and Tutorials.
  • Introduces a number of changes to difficulty balance in New Game + mode.
  • Fixes issue whereby combat could prevent players from unequipping censer item.


  • Improves performance in Oxenfurt sewers location.


  • Fixes issue whereby players had to buy Ofieri set from merchant to start quest titled From Ofier’s Distant Shores.
  • Fixes rare issue whereby objective remained incorrectly marked as incomplete under certain scenarios in quest titled Dead Man’s Party in Hearts of Stone expansion.
  • Fixes issue whereby minor quest titled Tinker, Hunter, Soldier, Spy was not tracked in Treasure Hunts tab in Journal.
  • Fixes issue whereby minor quest titled The Sword, Famine and Perfidy was not tracked in Treasure Hunts tab in Journal.
  • Fixes issue whereby Vlodimir claimed to have rescued fire-eater even if said character was killed during quest titled Dead Man’s Party.


  • Fixes issue whereby highlights indicating memories in quest titled Scenes From a Marriage in Hearts of Stone expansion were adversely affected with Color-blind mode activated.
  • Improves depiction of rivers and waterfalls in multiple locations throughout Hearts of Stone expansion.
  • Fixes issue whereby rain could be seen falling in Oxenfurt sewers during Hearts of Stone expansion.
  • Fixes issue whereby rain was visible inside lighthouse located north west of Temple Isle.
  • Fixes issue whereby rainfall could occur inside Temple of Lilvani in Hearts of Stone expansion.
  • Alters shadow drawing processes in Oxenfurt in Hearts of Stone expansion.
  • Fixes issue whereby number of insects appearing was excessive when players equipped Roach with item called Caparison of Lament.



  • Adds missing download image for Skellige Armor content.
  • Fixes issue in DLC quests whereby occasionally human foes could have empty Health bars and could not be killed.
  • Adds missing interaction to chest in quest titled Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear.
  • Fixes issue whereby Nilfgaardian gauntlets could cause unsightly red box to appear beneath Geralt’s feet.


  • Fixes incorrect appearance of notice starting quest titled Where the Cat and Wolf Play… on notice board in Oreton.
  • Fixes issue occasionally preventing players from completing quest titled Skellige’s Most Wanted.
  • Fixes issue preventing players from starting quest titled Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear.
  • Fixes issue preventing players from examining pigs during quest titled Fool’s Gold.
  • Fixes rare instances of pig spawning incorrectly during quest titled Fool’s Gold.
  • Fixes duplication of werewolf corpse after quest titled Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted has been completed.
  • Fixes issue whereby declining quest titled Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted resulted in display of incorrect objective.


  • Fixes visual issue, occurring in certain scenes, with necklace included in Triss’ alternative look.



  • Fixes assorted issues with quest and enemy scaling in New Game + mode.
  • Modifies diagram for Enhanced Legendary Wolven Gauntlets, now craftable without Griffin Gauntlets.
  • Fixes rare issue whereby one monster in quest titled Contract: Phantom of the Trade Route could prove invincible.
  • Fixes issue whereby fully charged Rend ability would deal less damage than intended.
  • Fixes issue whereby foe could be attacked again after fight in quest titled Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions.
  • Fixes issue whereby some merchants were selling merchandise balanced for 71-80 level range in New Game + mode.
  • Fixes issue whereby some item statistics and levels changed to incorrect values when transferred to New Game + mode.
  • Fixes rare issue whereby player level was not raised to 30 when starting New Game + from certain save files.
  • Fixes New Game + mode issue whereby some loot found in world could have level requirement in excess of 70.
  • Fixes issue whereby some herbs were not correctly transferring to New Game + mode.
  • Fixes issue whereby using Whirl ability against foes armed with heavy weapons could block regeneration of Stamina.
  • Fixes issue whereby players could not cause Geralt to walk if attempting to do so while aiming crossbow.
  • Fixes issue whereby foes struck with Aard Sign would always fall opposite to direction in which they were facing, even when struck in the back.
  • Fixes issue in New Game + mode whereby armor and weapons crafted prior to installation of 1.10 patch would change in terms of level and statistics subsequent to loading of a relevant game save.


  • [PC] Fixes corrupted characters in names of preset graphics settings in Options menu.
  • Fixes issue whereby no screenshots were displayed for game saves when choosing save file to start New Game +.


  • Fixes handful of textual issues in descriptions of Trophies in Korean version.


  • [XBOX] Improves performance during quest titled In the Heart of the Woods.


  • Fixes issue whereby ghouls failed to disappear as intended near shrine in White Orchard.
  • Fixes issue whereby quest titled Reason of State would be labeled as failed in Journal despite having been completed.
  • Fixes rare issue whereby some players could not find key to stable in quest titled Payback.
  • Fixes multiple issues whereby updates of objectives in Journal and Character entries would appear out of order.
  • Fixes rare issue with whereby incorrect scene was triggered in quest titled From a Land Far, Far Away.
  • Fixes rare issue whereby quest titled Little Red occasionally could not be progressed.
  • Fixes issue whereby, if relevant crystal was given to Yennefer in Skellige, characters would not appear correctly in megascope scene in quest titled Redania’s Most Wanted.
  • Fixes rare issue whereby some gameplay functionalities remained locked after quest titled Through Time and Space was completed.
  • Adds monetary reward for completion of quest titled Without a Trace.
  • Fixes issue in New Game + mode whereby container with treasure would disappear when approached in quest titled Berengar’s Blade.
  • Fixes issue whereby crystal required in quest titled Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear could not be found.


  • [PC] Adds option to show/hide HUD/Mini-map using single press of ‘Home’ key on keyboard.
  • Fixes issue whereby quest location names appeared in duplicate in Quests tab in Journal if quest did not have a suggested level assigned.

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