Welcome Everyone

Hello everyone, I am Boone Ironshield, avid RPG gamer, especially when I get to play as a Dwarf. I also greatly enjoy stealth games and also like LEGOs and zombies and good story based games so you might just see me playing a few of those every now and then too. I’m opinionated too but hopefully most of you do not think of that as a bad thing. I may always have an opinion on something but I’ll never be a dick about it because I know that not everyone thinks the same or likes the same things.

If you’re here then you enjoy a good RPG just like I do or you were just curious about a post I made, either way, thank you for visiting. The possible main difference between you and myself is that RPGs are something that could easily be the only thing I play.

I hope to write some reviews as well but I’m not entirely sure if I will. I’ve written a couple before and they always take a bit of time if you’re trying to actually do a good job and make it well written. Plus there are so many great games I could be spending that time on so we’ll have to see.

Anyways, I will write more as I can; I might be a little slow about it at first but feel free to check back anytime and thank you for stopping by in the first place.

Bardin Ironshield

PSN: BooneIronshield (working on Xbox GT name)


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