The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Xbox One Patch 1.1 Is Now Live

Even though it’s been over 3 months since the release of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, developer Neocore Games has been hard at work on a patch to fix the issues that plagued gamers, such as an unattainable achievement and bad frame rate in large areas. Today the developer has announced that patch 1.1 is live.  You can see the full contents of the patch here or read below.

“New Features

  • Players can now reach the Active Quest in-game by using Right Stick Down
  • Added a new, dynamic button layout for the GUI

General Fixes

  • The renderer has been optimized, the game now runs more smoothly on larger maps
  • The Glory system and its UI has been fixed
  • Artifact Forge upgrades are now working properly
  • A bug causing Katarina to stay in ghost mode has been fixed, the attack style setting now works properly
  • Minor UI issues have been fixed
  • The “Show All Messages” function’s setting is now saved properly in Options
  • The deceased hardcore character status is now showing correctly
  • A bug with the “Respawn enemies” option that spawned enemies without AI has been fixed
  • The first interaction in the Secret Lair when entered from Dreadworks have been fixed
  • In the quest log, quests won’t be cut off and the main quests will now always appear first
  • Improved the interaction system for ranged characters


  • The “Unfulmigator” achievement can now be unlocked properly and it is awarded retroactively as well (players will have to load the old character to get it retroactively)


  • The Priest’s “Lost Relic” quests have been fixed: players can now enter to The Nest.
  • The “Start the Generator” quest has been fixed: there is now a fifth extra Coil in a chest at Dreadworks.
  • After beating the Drill Worm, there is now a POI added at the exit point
  • At the Fulmigati bossfight the Werewolfs now spawn correctly from the Kennel Gates


  • Players can now select the Mastery buffs properly at the skills panel and read their bonuses as intended
  • Skill descriptions for all three classes have been fixed on every supported language
  • A bug causing possible loss of the skill keybinds for the Hunter class has been fixed
  • The visual effect of Aura of Defiance’s mastery upgrade has been fixed
  • The Ghastly Shape trick has been fixed


  • The Conjurer Cloak is now displayed properly


  • The entire multiplayer system has been revised
  • Changing maps in cooperative multiplayer now requires voting
  • Progression loss issues in cooperative multiplayer have been fixed
  • Various quest and bossfight issues caused by the multiplayer code have been fixed

Battle Royal

  • Playing Battle Royal mode no longer affects players’ campaign progress
  • Passive Health regeneration has been removed
  • The Results Scoreboard has been fixed


  • The “Scenario Failed” message is now shown correctly
  • The missing POI from the scenario map is now shown correctly
  • Players are now unable to go back from a bossfight area and restart the whole scenario mission instantly
  • The time limit counter now appears correctly
  • Players can now read the mission details in the Active Quests section after starting a scenario mission”

Since I created this new ID I’ve been waiting for the patch before starting the game and it looks like it’s now time to put the game back into my Xbox One backlog.


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